This fall, join scientists and nature lovers alike to celebrate the diversity of life on the Saw Mill River.

Welcome to Groundwork Hudson Valley’s 2009 BioBlitz

What is BioBlitz?

A BioBlitz is a unique event which brings together a multitude of scientists and experts to work around the clock during a 24 hour period cataloguing as many species of plant life, animal life, insects, fungi, bacteria, etc that they can find in an area.

The BioBlitz is designed to study the biodiversity of the Saw Mill as well as celebrate it. One main goal of the BioBlitz is to introduce residents of the Saw Mill River watershed communities to the wildlife in their own backyards. We invite the public to observe and meet with the scientists and participate in workshops, a lecture series, and a junior BioBlitz geared to our younger audience.

Why BioBlitz?

The data from the Saw Mill River BioBlitz will become an important inventory of the biodiversity of the Saw Mill River which will be used to inform the public as well as the agencies that are working to protect and enhance life within the watershed.

With so many people surrounding this little, yet mighty river—it’s time they began to understand its value to biodiversity. The BioBlitz is intended to begin a dialog with and between the Saw Mill River villages and towns on protecting habitat. When we know what exists in and along the River, we will know what to protect!

BioBlitz is presented by:

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Sponsor a Scientist!

Thank you to those who donated to the scientists who identified over 650 different species within the Saw Mill River Watershed!

We ask you to please continue your support so that we can further connect communities to the biodiversity in their own backyards. We hope to organize another Junior BioBlitz after the great success of the September event.

Latest News

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